Lineage Luxury Home Basics .. By Amr El Semary

About Us

Lineage is a premium collection of elegantly designed and crafted wooden windows, doors and shutters that harmoniously blend the latest European technology with more than a century of El Semary’s renowned quality, style and local know-how.
For the first time in Egypt the Lineage range allows you to endow your home or business environments with the timeless classic luxury of seasoned timber, while simultaneously providing the peace of mind that comes from optimum security features and enduring protection from the weather and other external factors.
Using a variety of attractive and highly durable wood types, with a wide range of varnishes and colorings, our skilled craftsmen create customized windows, doors and shutters to complement perfectly the interior design of individual rooms and the aesthetic character of building exteriors. At the same time the choice of a number of sophisticated opening mechanisms enables the maximum use of space combined with simplicity and ease of operation.

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